Training Days- ACCS

The ACCS training programme is mainly aimed at CT1s and CT2s, as it is anticipated that CT3s and CT4s will attend training days for their parent specialty, but CT3s and CT4a are very welcome at these days as well.

The programme is co-ordinated by Dr Jennifer Farrant, Consultant in Emergency Medicine. It is held on the second Tuesday of the month (except August and December) and rotates around all the centres within the Peninsula Deanery. This day was chosen to minimise clashes with other regional specialty training days, to reduce the impact on the departments involved and help make attendance possible for ACCS trainees.

Doctors in Training do need to apply for study leave to attend these days – as such attendance is not mandatory at this stage. By deciding ahead what will be covered in each training day, it both ensures the ACCS curriculum has balanced coverage over two years and means trainees can decide which days are of most value to them to attend. 

The responsibility for arranging venues and speakers lies with the Doctors in Training at the host hospital, see the document below for help, suggestions, and an example day – please feel free to be creative, but please base the day around the area of curriculum set on the programme. The suggested structure for the day comes from discussion with the previous two years of ACCS trainees.

The programme, register of attendance and feedback forms are available on this website.  FAO organisers:  average 26 attending trainees year on year: please try and find an appropriate sized venue.


ACCS Training Day Register
ACCS Training Day Feedback Form
ACCS Training Day Programme (2023 - 2024)